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Ok, so here is my favorite fan fiction that I have written so far...  It is Jace/Clary, but not explicit.  At all.  Enjoy!


They continue down their twisted path, with stolen kisses, heated glances, hiding themselves from the world. Whispering, wanting, waiting, until the right time .

The two are opposites, yin and yang, fitting together in perfect harmony. One with carefully controlled emotions, hidden behind a mask of cynicism, the other displaying mood swings for all to see. The boy, stubborn and unbendable as iron, and the girl, just as stubborn, but allowing room to mold to the situation. The icy blonde and the fiery redhead. Brother and sister.

They resemble granite and wind, their greatest weakness each other. Standing strong, but for the constant pummeling of the wind, the granite is resolute. Over time, the stone facade erodes, the edges becoming softer, cleaner. The wind’s power is intoxicating, pulling many into the flow. It is irresistible, unstoppable but for the unmoving stone cliff. Coming in neck-and-neck, they truce, proceeding at the same pace.  Whispering, wanting, waiting.

Despite their differences, the two share more than they wish the world to know. For fear of scorn, disgust, they hide their relationship. Numerous attempts to eschew this "aberration" left them easily irritated and craving each other’s touch. So they meet at night, padding down darkened hallways to find solstice. Murmurs of love, haunting kisses and trailing fingertips fill the room, forcing out everything but assurances that the will get past this.

They have tried living without this, but cannot. They have no choice. And so they linger here, in limbo between two wrongs, two rights. Denying their love, or dissolving in it. Whispering, wanting, waiting.

Someday, perhaps, they will tire of this. The granite wall might wear down into a pile of sand, or the wind become exhausted, butting up against a surface it will never be able to navigate, and shift its direction permanently. The thought never crosses their minds. No thoughts of the future trouble their minds when they are together like this. No thoughts of how their love could be as quick, illuminating, and deadly as a lightning strike, and so they continue. Whispering, wanting, waiting.


Comments, suggestions, whatever you feel like saying... well, they're all welcome.