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Undone: Simon/Jace Fanfiction

Hi! I wrote a Simon/Jace fanfiction. I noticed there were sort of none or barely any so I decided to write one.

Pairing: Simon/Jace, Mangus/Alec, Clary/Isabelle (and suggested Simon/Alec and Mangus/Jace)
Fandom: TMI
Jace and Simon share a mutual loathing for each other – or at least that is what they believe. In truth, their feelings have changed and evolved into love. And in one moment of weakness the truth will come to light.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Mortal Instruments or any of the characters, Cassandra Clare does. I also do not own Original Disney movies or anything I might have accidently product placed without realising.

Jace’s heart was thundering with fear inside of his chest. Every inch of him was tight with horror. Every second that passed without an answer to his call from the partly collapsed subway tunnel made him become more and more suicidal.

He scrambled up onto the rubble, tearing away blocks of it. The edges sliced through his hands and left them bloody. But he didn’t care. He kept calling and kept fighting through the rubble.

After Clary had started dating Isabelle, there had been nothing else but the person trapped below the rubble.

“Simon!” Jace shouted desperately into the air.

Then he heard it.

“I hate you, you know that?”

Jace looked down to discover Simon was below him. Simon’s pale face looked up at him through the rubble with an unfazed glare. Jace barely restrained the relief on his face. Simon shoved a hand up through a hole. “Mind helping me out now?”

Jace rolled his eyes and reached down.

He seized Simon’s hand. In the old days he wouldn’t have thought much about this but now he could feel every wrinkle and line on Simon’s hand. For some reason it felt like the most wonderful thing Jace had ever touched.

He pulled Simon up and out of the rubble.

Simon shook his head, dust flying out of his hair. Jace couldn’t help but watch him with growing interest. Even in the dull light Simon looked beautiful to him. However, Jace couldn’t help but mourn the fact that Simon no longer wore his glasses. So many times Jace had insulted them but now Jace felt like he’d lost something precious.

Looking up at Jace, Simon asked, “You get it?”

Jace nodded. “Splattered all over the walls.”

Simon peered into the darkness, managing to make out splattered demon body parts on the walls of the tunnel. They sparkled like a black sea in moonlight.

Simon looked vaguely impressed. “Cool.”

“The only problem is…” Jace began.

“…how we’re going to explain the collapsed tunnel,” Simon finished, looking back at the rubble which moments ago had him trapped.

Letting out a sigh, Jace gestured to Simon. “Come on,” Jace said. “Let’s get out of here before something else attacks us.”

They reached the bottom of the rubble.

Jace scooped up the witchlight from the ground but, as he did, it flickered. With a growl of frustration, he smacked it against his palm. The light only continued to flicker. “Oh, come on!” Jace shouted, but the witchlight was barely glowing.

Finally, the witchlight died in Jace’s hands.

“Damn,” he hissed with annoyance.

Behind him, Simon sighed. “Doesn’t matter,” Simon said. “I can see in the dark.”

And with that, Simon reached out and took Jace’s hand. The act made Jace gasp. As Simon slipped his fingers through Jace’s, his heart could barely contain itself. His chest was just too small for such a fluttering heart.

“Come on,” Simon said, not seeming to notice Jace’s reaction to his actions. “Let’s get out of here.”

Jace let Simon drag him through the darkness.


“Jace and Simon are late,” Mangus sung.

Alec narrowed his eyes at Mangus. “Shut up,” he growled. He was already having a heart attack as he planned the exact words of their announcement over dinner tonight. He couldn’t seem to word it right. How exactly was he going to tell them that he was getting married, to Mangus, a Downworlder?

Where the hell were Jace and Simon?

“Oh, I think we all know what they’re doing,” Mangus teased. “They’ve been ogling each other for six months now!”

“Jace isn’t gay,” Alec said firmly.

Mangus rolled his eyes. “There are no straight men in this world, Alec. I thought you of all people would know this.”

Alec stayed silent.

The image of Jace and Simon wrapped in each other’s arms made him feel ill. Don’t get him wrong, he loved Mangus but he had never gotten over Jace. The idea of Jace choosing Simon was near unbearable for him.

Mangus narrowed his eyes at Alec.

Alec blinked in confusion. “What?”

“You do know I can read minds, right?” Mangus said with annoyance.

Alec flushed, recalling that fact, a fact that Mangus had only recently told him. “Um…yeah…sorry,” he said.

Mangus glared. “Sorry isn’t good enough.”

Alec stared at Mangus in confusion. “What?”

Mangus stood and stormed out of the room. Over his shoulder, he shouted, “Why can’t you just get over him?!”


Jace and Simon emerged from the subway still holding hands. Jace wasn’t sure what Simon’s reason was for not letting go. Perhaps he still had not realised he was still holding his hand. Either way, Jace wasn’t going to be the one to point it out. The feeling of Simon holding his hand was something he didn’t want to end any time soon.

“Do you know what Alec and Mangus want to tell us tonight?” Simon asked.

Jace shrugged.

He became aware they were heading in a different direction, away from the Institute. “Hey, where are we going?” he asked.

“My apartment,” Simon said simply.

Jace felt a shiver roll up his spine. That shiver disappeared when he realised the state of Simon’s clothes. Simon needed to change before he went to the Institute. Nothing even slightly subtext-y at all. Jace couldn’t restrain a disappointed scowl.

Jace and Simon were still holding hands when they entered Simon’s apartment.

Simon’s apartment was almost an extension of himself. There were comic books everywhere, shelves of DVDs and books. For a vampire it was a strangly brightly lit apartment. That was what Jace liked about Simon. He wasn’t just your average vampire.

Simon let go of Jace’s hand then, heading towards his bedroom.

Jace stayed by the kitchen, even though he found himself fantasising about running into Simon’s room. He’d embrace Simon, lips crushing against his. They’d hold each other in a love filled embrace as their lips worked against each others… Of course, this was just a fantasy. In reality, Jace shifted awkwardly from foot to foot in the kitchen.

Simon came back into the room wearing jeans and a t-shirt that said ‘I BLOGGED YOUR MOM’.

“Can you check the answer machine?” Simon asked.

Jace pressed the button on the machine.

“Dinners cancelled,” Mangus spat sourly down the phone. “And so are Alec and yours truly until further notice.” The message then ended with the slam of a receiver.

Jace and Simon looked up at each other from the other side of the room.

“How many times have they broken up now?” Simon asked.

“I stopped counting at fifty,” Jace said. “I have more important things to do than count their endless amount of break ups, mirror related activities for example.”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Well, I’ll guess I’ll see you later.”

The second the words were off Simon’s tongue, Jace was gone.


Jace arrived at the Institute to find Clary and Isabelle making out in the library. He stood there a moment, scowling, waiting for them to take the hint and make out elsewhere. Clary and Isabelle didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

Scowling even deeper, he headed towards his room.

When he arrived, he found someone sitting on his bed. Tissues surrounded that person that at a quick glance, Jace assumed to be Alec.

He was wrong.

Mangus blew his nose then looked up. “Oh, hi,” he said. “Sorry about the tissues.”

Jace shrugged. “Whatever,” he said, grabbing the rubbish tin. “Just put them in here from now on, okay? I don’t want Downworlder snot all over my sheets.”

Turning away, Jace made his way to the bathroom. There he turned on the tap, scrubbing at the cuts on his hands. He bound them, the noise Mangus blowing his nose a soundtrack to the moment.

After double checking his bandages, Jace looked up in the mirror and was annoyed at what he saw. He looked haggard, dark circles under his eyes. He looked older than he was. Where had his handsome face gone?

Letting out a sigh, Jace turned away.

“So,” Jace began as he patted down his wet finger tips with a towel, “I heard you and Alec broke up again.”

Mangus replied with a wail.

Jace let out yet another sigh and headed into his room.

Mangus was continuing to wail, face buried in a mostly broken tissue. He looked a mess. In fact, Jace couldn’t help but see that Mangus looked a lot like Jace had when Clary had left him, before he’d realised his feelings for Simon. Knowing what Mangus was going through, Jace drew upon his experience for the only way to deal with such an event.

He went over to his book case, producing a case of beer.

He placed the case in from of Mangus and said, “May I introduce you to the man’s way of quelling one’s manly sorrows.”

Mangus sobbed. “Thank you.”

Jace rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever.”


Simon was home, reading a comic book, when someone knocked forcefully at his door. His heart rose in hope that perhaps it was Jace. He knew this was delusional. After all, why would Jace like him? However, love makes the heart hope many hopeless things and this was most certainly one of them.

Standing, Simon went over to the door.

As he walked, the thunderclap like knocks continued. They grew louder with their impatience.

“Hold on!” Simon shouted with annoyance. He took his time unlocking the door just to annoy the person on the other side further.

He opened the door.

The last person in the world he’d expected to find on his doorstep was standing there.

Alec Lightwood.

“Alec?” Simon asked, convinced he must be imagining things. But blinking several times only confirmed the fact that Alec was standing on his doorstep with tear stains on his face. “What are you doing here?”

“Are you and Jace sleeping together?” Alec asked.

The question was the last one Simon had expected.

Taken off guard, Simon asked, “W-what?”

“Are you and Jace sleeping together?” Alec repeated, sounding a little frustrated.

“Um, no!” Simon said. He shifted uncomfortably under Alec’s armour piercing gaze. “Why would you even think that?”

Alec narrowed his eyes. “He’s here, isn’t he?”

Simon stared with confusion, stumbling for words as Alec pushed past him into his apartment. Alec instantly started tearing Simon’s apartment to pieces and all Simon could do was stare in absolute shock. Alec’s face was tight with determination, not pausing as he threw things over his shoulder and looked under things that people couldn’t naturally hide under.

It was when Alec began to toss comic books over his shoulder that Simon snapped back to life. He raced across the room, snatching a comic book out of the air. “Hey! Stop it!” he shouted.

Alec didn’t stop.

Alec was tossing so many comic books over his shoulder at once that all Simon could do was snatch them from the air. He could do nothing to prevent the throwing for Alec was being fast and ruthless.

“Stop!” Simon begged as Alec threw the final comic book over his shoulder.

Hands full, Simon could do nothing to stop it. The comic book landed with a thud on the ground, the spine tearing ever so slightly.

In that moment, as Alec stormed towards Simon’s bedroom, Simon lost it. He let go of the comic books in his arms. He didn’t care anymore if they got damaged. He was too angry to care.

“Alec!” Simon roared.

He entered his bedroom to discover Alec tossing sheets to the side. That was the final straw.

Storming forward, Simon used his superhuman strength against Alec. He grabbed Alec by the arms, spinning him around to face him.

Alec glared. “He’s here! I know he’s here!”

“No, he’s not!” Simon shouted. “And we’ve never slept together. Until tonight, we hadn’t even held hands before. So stop tearing my apartment apart and calm the hell down.”

Alec stopped then and stared at Simon. “You haven’t?”

“Haven’t what?” Simon snapped.

“Slept with him?” Alec asked.

“Of course I haven’t!” Simon growled. “I mean, even if I did like him that way, why the hell would he like me? I’m a complete nerd with a capital N.”

“I have,” Alec said.

Simon froze. “What?” Simon asked stunned.

“We were sort of drunk,” Alec said. “Clary had just left him and Mangus and I were broken up. I’m not sure how it happened. All I know is that it happened.”

Simon didn’t care how it happened. Knowing it had happened was enough to tear his heart to shreds. He felt completely dead inside. Jace was possibly gay and he hadn’t even considered Simon? That hurt more than Simon could describe.

It was then that Simon noticed something about Alec’s expression. A slight wave of relief flowed through him at the possibility that everything Alec had just said was lie. “You’re drunk,” Simon said.

Alec giggled. “Just a little bit.”

Rolling his eyes, Simon said, “Come on. I’ll walk you home.”


Simon turned to Alec, who was standing firmly, refusing to budge.

“I don’t want to go home,” Alec said. “Mangus might be there and I don’t want him see him right now.”

“Oh, yeah, you guys broke up,” Simon said, remembering.

Alec glared at him. “Well, thanks. It’s not like that’s a fresh wound or anything.”

“Well, sorry, but you’re the one who trashed my whole comic book collection,” Simon said.

Alec blushed. Simon couldn’t help but think he looked a little cute doing that. Looking up at Simon through his eyelashes, Alec whispered, “Sorry about that.” He paused, looking breathlessly at Simon, who waited impatiently for whatever Alec was currently plotting. Alec bit his lip, looking a little nervous.

“What?” Simon demanded.

Alec’s hands shot up, taking Simon’s head in his hand before Simon could manage a startled gasp. Before that startled gasp could escape his lips, Alec’s lips were crushed against his. Simon was too stunned to push Alec away.

Alec worked his lips against Simon’s. His hands roamed wherever they wished, up Simon’s shirt where he got a hold so tight that Simon gasped in pain. He could feel the cuts, feel the blood. Simon pulled his head back but Alec leaned forward, biting Simon’s lip. Alec pulled Simon toward him by the lip before crushing Simon with another kiss.

Simon couldn’t move, couldn’t find the ability to pull away or respond. He kept thinking about Jace. For some reason this felt like a betrayal to Jace which was ridiculous, of course. But that wasn’t enough to make Simon pull away because Alec’s lips were so amazing.

Pulling away slightly, Alec looked Simon in the eye. Alec looked at him with a silent plea. He was breathless but he managed to whisper, “Please, kiss me. Please.”

And for the strangest reason, Simon leaned forward. He pressed a kiss to Alec’s lips, a kiss that Alec automatically responded to. He wrapped his arms around Alec, his other hand tangling itself in Alec’s hair.

Simon reached for Alec’s shirt and before he knew it, he ripped the shirt open. The act made Alec pull away from the kiss and gasp.

Simon was the one this time to grab Alec. He wrapped his arms around Alec’s waist, behind Alec’s shirt. He held on for dear life because he wanted nothing more than to feel numb.

He pressed his lips against Alec’s exposed neck. Beneath his lips he could fell the pulse of Alec’s blood. He restrained himself from biting down, distracting himself with pushing Alec’s shirt from his shoulders.

Alec’s arms encircled him. Pulling him closer, holding him tighter than before, he tilted his head back and to the side. As Simon worked his lips against Alec’s neck, Alec whispered, “Yes. Oh… Yes.”

Thirst was suddenly killing Simon but he restrained himself from biting. Instead he focused on how good Alec felt beneath his fingertips, how amazing the little scars of the Marks on Alec’s body felt.

He tried to imagine what Jace’s scars would feel like under his fingertips. The thought brought an image of Jace to his mind, gorgeous and wonderful Jace.

Suddenly, Alec pulled away, shaking his head. “I- I can’t.” Their lips met again. Pulling back again, Alec said, “This is wrong. We shouldn’t…” He trailed off into a kiss which consumed him.

Their lips parted for a second, just a second, and in that second they each whispered a name. Simon gasped out, “Jace,” while Alec gasped out, “Mangus.”

Both instantly froze. With their eyes open they stared at the other in shock for a long time.

Then they jumped apart.

“Oh my god, what are we doing?!” Alec shouted in a panic.

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” Simon shouted, panicking. Suddenly embarrassed, he grabbed hold of his sheet and held it in front of him. Guilt suddenly consuming him, feeling ill for allowing him to hold and kiss someone other than Jace, Simon directed the guilt towards Alec. “You were the one who kissed me!”

Alec covered his face with shame. “I knew I shouldn’t have drunken the purple stuff!”


“And he just won’t get over you!” Mangus wailed.

Jace patted Mangus sympathetically on the back as he blew into another tissue. The beer hadn’t done much good, meaning that Jace had spent most of the night sprinting to other rooms to get tissues.

“Which is stupid, you know,” Mangus said. Tossing the tissue in the now overflowing rubbish bin, he said, “I mean, everyone knows you’re in love with Simon.”

Jace froze. “What? I’m not in love with Simon.”

Mangus rolled his eyes. “Yes, you are. You’ve always been in love with him, just a little. It’s the reason why you didn’t notice when Clary was falling for Isabelle.”

Jace was shocked. Did everyone know? Did Simon know? His stomach rolled with absolute fear. God, he was so screwed.

“He doesn’t know, by the way,” Mangus said, “which is so stupid seeing as he’s madly in love with you too.”

Jace did a double take. “W-w-what?”

Mangus rolled his eyes. “Oh my god! You Shadowhunters are so thick. Of course he’s in love with you. It’s not like he spends every waking moment gazing at you every chance he can get.”

Jace was shocked. He trusted Mangus’s observations. After all, Mangus had noticed the attraction between Isabelle and Clary before anyone else had. So Mangus must be telling the truth.

Was it possible?

Could Simon possibly love him?

As Jace stared hopefully into space, Mangus grumbled, “Shadowhunters,” before he blew his nose.


Simon and Alec sat across from each other, incredibly embarrassed. For the last four minutes they had been shouting apologies at each other. When all was silent, a horribly awkward cloud settled over them.

“Well,” Alec said. “This is embarrassing.”

Simon laughed, nodding. “Really embarrassing.”

“Let’s just write that off as temporary insanity,” Alec said.

Simon nodded. “Yep, temporary insanity. Definitely. And unnamed purple drinks.” He peered at Alec with curiosity. “Are any of the drinks at Downworlder parties safe to drink? The record is pretty screwy so far.”

Alec sighed. “Ask Isabelle,” he said. “She’s the one who’s always at the parties.”

Silence fell upon them then once again.

“So,” Simon continued, “why did you and Mangus break up?”


Jace glared at Mangus. “You’re not helping.”

“Jace and Simon sitting in a tree,” Mangus sung drunkenly. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Mangus disintegrated into giggles.

“For your information,” Jace said, “Simon and I haven’t kissed.”

Mangus jolted out of his drunkenness. He stared at Jace in disbelief. “Really? You’ve managed to stop yourself this long?” Mangus’s eyes suddenly began to sparkle as he gazed up at Jace with sudden admiration. “You guys are so my heroes.”

Jace smirked. “Nice to know.”

Mangus rolled his eyes, sitting up right. “Oh, so terrified.”

“Well, if you were wearing boots, they would be big and they would be quivering,” Jace said, running his hand through his blonde hair.

“Whatever,” Mangus said, losing interest in what Jace was saying. Turning to Jace with determined eyes, he said, “Now let’s focus on what’s important. Like the fact that you haven’t kissed Simon when you so should have.”

“Shut up,” Jace mumbled.

“Nah-ah!” Mangus shouted. “You’re not dodging your way around this one. We’re not going to stop talking about this under any circumstances.”

Glaring at Mangus, Jace said but one word. “Alec.”

Instantly, Mangus dissolved into wild sobs.

Jace handed Mangus a tissue and a beer. That sort of task he could handle. Answering why he hadn’t kissed Simon was something so embarrassing, he didn’t dare want to get into it.


Alec’s phone buzzed.

He pulled it out of his pocket and upon reading the name, he blushed. “It’s Mangus.”

Simon’s eyes widened. “Put it on speaker! Put it on speaker!”

Alec answered, putting it on speaker.

“Alec?” Mangus asked down the phone.

“Mangus,” Alec breathed. “Hey.”

“Um… I’m sorry about before,” Mangus said. “It’s stupid, I know that, but I get so jealous sometimes. And I’ve been talking with Jace” – Simon and Alec exchanged a raised eyebrow – “and I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter to me. The truth is that I can’t live without you, the exact reason I asked you to marry me in the first place.”

Simon’s eyes widened. He looked over at Alec for an explanation but Alec provided no such answer.

“I feel the same way about you,” Alec said.

“So…” Mangus said. “Anyway, can we make the cancelled dinner a late night snack?”

Alec smiled. “That will be great.”

Simon couldn’t help but smile at the phone and Alec. It was incredibly adorable. He wished Jace could talk to him like that.

“Can you call Simon then?” Mangus asked.

Alec glanced at Simon. “Um… Sure. I’m nearby. I can stop by and get him.”

“Great,” Mangus said, “because I’ve got to sort something out with him too. Oh, by the way, would it be okay if Jace was my best man?”

Simon and Alec stared down at the phone in shock.

“Hello?” Mangus called after a moment. “You there, my pretty?”

“Yeah. Um… I guess,” Alec said.

“Oh, goodie!” Mangus said. “See you soon then, K?”

At which point Mangus hung up.

Alec and Simon exchanged a look.

“Your boyfriend,” Simon said, “is so weird.”


Jace slapped Mangus.

“Hey!” Mangus shouts. “What was that for?”

“You’re setting me up!” Jace roared.

“Oh, come on, Jace.”

Jace and Mangus turned to find Clary leaning on the door frame. Beside her was Isabelle. Both seemed to gravitate towards each other.

“You two better get together,” Isabelle said, “or I’m seriously moving out.”

“Fine,” Jace said. “At least the food won’t be deadly then.”

“She’s serious, Jace,” Clary said. “You and Simon… You’re perfect for each other! It took me forever to realise it but I did.” She walked toward Jace. She stopped in front of him, gazing up into his eyes with determination. “Jonathan Lightwood, you are going to be happy if it’s the last thing I do, and if that means hooking up with Simon then go hook up with him. I’m sick of you being emo.”

“Same here!” Isabelle said.

Jace looked from Clary to Isabelle to Mangus. Finally, he looked down on Clary with a blank expression. Then he glared. “You’re so mean.”

Clary smiled. “Does that mean you’re gonna?”

Mangus crossed both his fingers obviously in front of him.

“Okay, fine!” Jace said in defeat.

Clary smiled.

“But on one condition,” Jace said.

Clary scowled.

Jace pointed at Mangus and said, “He has to clean this mess up.” He gestured to the mountain of tissues and cans of empty beer covering his bed.

Mangus rolled his eyes. “Done,” he said and snapped his fingers.


Simon and Alec stood outside of the Institute for a moment.

“Deal?” Alec asked.

Simon held his hand out. “Deal.”

They grasp hands, shaking in agreement. They would never tell anyone about what had almost happened back in Simon’s apartment.

With that, they turned to the door. Alec opened it and stepped inside first, followed by Simon.

Alec was tackled into a hug by Mangus the second he stepped inside.

Simon smiled, stepping around them. The sight of the two embraced lovers was heart warming but it also made Simon sad. He wished someone was out there who could hold him like that.

“Simon,” Jace called.

Simon ripped his eyes off Mangus and Alec, turning to the sound of Jace’s voice.

Jace was heading towards him. In the light of the entrance, his blonde hair radiated beauty. Simon noted near invisible scars along his skin. He knew he could draw accurately every one of those scars with his eyes closed. There was a determined movement to his stride.

Jace reached him but instead of coming to a stop and saying something sarcastic like always, he reached up. He took Simon’s head in his hands before he pressed a kiss to Simon’s lips. Simon wasn’t too shocked to react. For a moment he hesitated but once that was over he wrapped his arms around Jace, threading his fingers through Jace’s blonde hair.

The kiss would have intensified if Clary and Isabelle hadn’t started jumping up and down, screaming like fangirls.

Jace and Simon pulled away, looking towards Clary and Isabelle with raised eyebrows. Clary and Isabelle weren’t alone as it turned out. Maia was with them, holding Clary and Isabelle’s hands as they jumped up and down. Their eyes sparkled as they screamed for joy.

Jace glanced at Simon with a raised eyebrow. “Your best friend is weird.”

“Well, your sister is weird,” Simon countered.

Jace rolled his eyes but smiled. For the first time in a long time, the smile seemed to barely contain itself. Simon had never seen Jace glow like that. It almost seemed as if Jace’s happiness was manifesting, radiating from his skin.

“I hear you’re going to be Mangus’s best man,” Simon said.

Jace got a sour look on his face. “He bullied me into it,” he muttered.

“Bullied you?” Mangus demanded. “As I recalled, you began to jump up and down screaming like what Maia informs me is a fanboy.”

“In his case, just say fangirl,” Maia said. “He’s acting more like one of us as the days pass.”

Jace glared. A glare like that was so menacing that Simon could imagine venom spitting from his eyes.

“Hey!” Simon said. “Pick on somebody else’s boyfriend, bitch.”

Jace spun around to Simon. His eyes got all starry, something that made everyone in the room do a double take. Jace did not get starry eyed. It was plain impossible. Yet, before them now, was a starry eyed Jace. “I’m your boyfriend?” he asked.

“Um…yeah…” Simon said nervously.

Jace replied by throwing his arms around Simon’s neck, planting a passionate kiss to Simon’s lips.

The door creaked open and Jace and Simon pulled back slightly.

In through the door stepped Jocelyn and Luke. They abruptly stopped talking, looking about themselves with confusion. Their eyes rested on Jace and Simon clinging to each other.

“Did we miss something?” Luke asked, glancing at Clary.

Jocelyn raised her eyebrow at her daughter.

Clary could barely contain herself. She shouted, “Jace and Simon are going out!!!”

Simon wasn’t sure what Luke or Jocelyn’s reaction would be and tensed with fear. Jace tensed just as much but kept the fear off his face.

After a moment to process, Jocelyn said, “Oh…my…GOD!” She started jumping up and down, screaming with joy.

This set off Maia, Isabelle and Clary. They started hugging each other, screaming incoherent words. Their arms waved towards Simon and Jace as they communicated in a language that Simon didn’t understand. He was pretty sure the language was called OMG.

Jocelyn tackled Jace and Simon into a hug. “I’m so happy for you boys!”

Simon and Jace glanced at each other with raised eyebrows. This hadn’t been what they expected at all. Simon had imagined a long awkward silence, a bit like what it had been like when Clary had come out but not as awkward as Isabelle coming out.

Luke raised his eyebrow at Simon in a silent question of: “Congrats but… why are they screaming?”

“Who wants cheese?” Mangus shouted over the crowd.

Many hands shot up, including Jace.

Simon raised his eyebrow at him.

“What?” Jace asked. “I like cheese.”

Simon smiled, shaking his head. Punching the air, he shouted, “To the kitchen!”

And as one they all moved towards the kitchen. No one could keep the smiles off their faces. When the cheese was produced, along with other such foods, they stood around the kitchen passing food to one another.

As the joyful screams rose when Mangus and Alec announced their engagement, Jace took Simon’s hands. He pulled him out of the door.

“Where are we going?” Simon asked as Jace lead him through the Institute.

Jace smiled. “My room.”

Simon flushed but Jace didn’t seem to notice.

When they arrived at Jace’s door, Jace stepped through before reaching through and pulling Simon in with him. Their lips collided, working against each other. Jace pushed Simon back against the door, closing the door as he did. He returned his lips to Simon’s, the passion of it overflowing to their hands which held each other tightly.

After a moment, Jace pulled away slightly. With a flick of his head, some blonde hair that had been hanging in his face was gone, and he smiled. “Hey,” he said gently.

“Hey,” Simon breathed.

“Do you like Disney movies?”

Simon couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Jace instantly looked panicked. “What?”

“Nothing,” Simon said, trying to get his laughter under control. “It’s just…You’re asking me if I like Disney movies?”

“Original Disney,” Jace added. “The new stuff is crap.”

“Um…sure,” Simon said oddly. “I guess. Why?”

Jace pulled away, walking across the room. Simon couldn’t help but notice that Jace had a TV. Simon had never been in Jace’s room before and took a moment to take it in.

Jace bent over, reaching for something in the cabinet. Standing, Jace turned and held a large box set of Original Disney. “Wanna watch them?” he asked.

Simon could barely stop himself from cracking up laughing. “Um…okay.”

Jace smiled.

Simon hopped up onto Jace’s bed and sat there as Jace put one of the movies in. Once he was done, he grabbed the remote and walked over to the bed. He crawled onto it, lying right next to Simon.

“Which one we watching first?” Simon asked.

“Snow White, of course,” Jace said.

Simon smiled at Jace a moment. Jace was bubbly like a child. He’d never seen this side to him and seeing it made him only like Jace more. Turning to the TV, still smiling, he said, “Of course.”

Jace clicked play.

As the movie began, Jace snuggled up next to Simon. The act made Simon shiver because it felt so unreal. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined watching Disney movies with Jace snuggled up to him. Simon dropped his arm around the back of Jace’s neck.

It wasn’t a classic happy ending like in fairytales but Simon couldn’t help but like this version better.



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Aug. 18th, 2012 12:37 pm (UTC)
I liked it :)
Sep. 27th, 2013 10:59 pm (UTC)
Just a JacexSimon obsessed fan.....
OMG!!! BY THE HEAVENLY ANGEL!!!! please write more of these :D!!!! it was great! seriously! Haha and so sweet and a lot of humor in it ! Really liked it!
Jul. 8th, 2014 05:36 am (UTC)

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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